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Sixty DVD recordings of Greek materials including documentaries, history, humor, travel and immigration taken from the internet and TV productions- complete list attached to as-session form

"Our Greek Heritage - the Greek Foundation of Western Civilization" - A documentary of Greek history approximately 1/2 hour in length produced by Thucydides Productions

"Lost Evzone Trail" produced by Chris Haralam of Spokane, Washington abut his paternal ancestors, the mountain Greeks who played a major role in the founding of Modern Greece - video and photographs with cartoon characters added

Video interview with Larry Rouvelas by his grandson, Greg Spyridis

Selections of material documenting the 1821 Greek Independence from Turkey - photographs and video segments - copies were made and given out at the March 25th Celebration in Seattle, Washington

"Finding Family in America" by Abby Gray - submitted for the 2012-2013 Greek History Competition sponsored by Greeks in Washington - the story of the Nekas and Plumis families in Seattle, Washington

Flash drive of Powerpoint presentation by Themio Pallis about his Great Grandfather, Nicholas Katsaniotis

Presentation by Taso Lagos on the Theater Mogul, Alexander Pantages at Greek orthodox Church of the Assumption in Seattle, Washington

PBS 90-minute video recording entitled "The Greek Americans" includes interviews with prominent Greek-Americans (celebrities, politicians, artists and entertainers

Video and audio recordings of Christ "Poppa" Ballisiotes copied and returned
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