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AHEPA FEZ belonging to Evan Collias embroidered with AHEPA seal and the chapter number 262, Centralia, Washington

Men's tie designed for AHEPA members 100% polyester, navy blue with Order of AHEPA seals in lighter blue color. Seal is one-inch circular and repeated with light blue strips between seals. Owned and worn by Eugene Collias

The tunic appears to be similar to clothing worn by the Karagounes a specific sub-group of people in the Thessaly area of Greece. The tunic was acquired by the donor in the mid 20th century (sometime between 1940-1970) during her travels abroad. The…

Hand-made Greek costumes used by small children for AEPA Family events in Everett, Washington. Five items: vests, bolero top, jackets dated from the 1950s

The two children wearing the costumes in the front row of the photographare the donor's…

Foustenela - Greek Evzone soldier costume worn by Kanakaris - pto be an original from the 1900s - five pieces: vest, shirt, sash, skirt and pompoms for the shoes

Foustenela -Complete Greek Evzone costume; red jacket with extensive goad braid, accompanied with white shirt, skirt, leggings, shoes and sash. This is a replica and was in the family of Evelyn Heliotis Martinsen for a long time

Trousseau of Aphtoditi Nerantzini Mulenos which she mad in Greece in the early 1920s in preparation for her marriage to Demosthenes Mulenos. Se never wore these clothes; instead she wore the clothes her husband bought for her.

A small Evzone costume (foustenela) with skirt, shirt and vest in good condition - used by youth dance groups of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption in Seattle, Washington

Pair of Tsarouchia (shoes) to go with Greek Evzone (Soldier) costume - fair condition but appear to be replicas

1 Foustenela - Adult Ezvone (Greek soldier) traditional dress; formal uniform worn primatily by palace guards -some pieces are vintage, and others are contemporary to complete the outfit
2 Copy of Amalia traditional dress
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