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Minutes and Secretary's reports for the Juan de Fuca Chapter #177 of the Order of AHEPA

Communications to and from the Juan de Fuca chapter 177 of the Order of AHEPA

Circulars received by the Juan de Fuca Chapter 177 during 1929

Circulars from the Supreme Lodge to the Juan de Fuca chapter 177 of the Order of AHEPA

Initiation certificate for William Gikas initiated into the order of AHEPA, Cascade chapter 256 and its sacred mysteries

Various documents, photographs, correspondence and other items belonging to Spiro D. and Clara S. Nicon.

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Greek War Relief Association, Inc Seattle and King County Committee list of contributions paid to the committee - two typed copies of three pages each and one hand-written page

Five certificates for Eugene Collias from 1963 to 1990 recognizing his participation in AHEPA

Ellis Island official certificate of registration in the American Immigrant Wall of Honor. Presented to Evans E. Collias - accompanied by a presentation letter

These photos are three of nine documents submitted by Christina Panagakis in application for Social Security benefits. The documents include birth certificate, passport certification, payment of funds in lieu of military service, baptismal record…
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