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"My Family Fled Political turmoil in Greece, and I fear for America" Personal Essary

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Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper article entitled "The New Immigrants: Established enough to delight in old ways" with photo of young dancers and text about August Pantages and Joann and John Nicon

Newspaper article titled "Seattle community dedicates Greek American Military Memorial.

An article regarding the Seattle City Council resolution regarding the impact of the Turkish expulsion of Greeks on the Seattle Greek community

Approximately 40 photocopied newspaper articles with stories information about Greeks in Bellingham

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Bellingham Hellenic Society promotional article about The Whatcom Greek Community" - and a presentation by Dr. Stephan Margaritis, president of the society -

Newspaper article in historical commentary section of The National Herald entitled "A New Museum without walls opens in Washington"

Feature article in the SEATTLE TIMES Pacific Magazine entitled "The Borders of Boomtown" - photographs of the Sideres family (Pete, Voula and Kosta) with customers at their restaurant, Pete"s Eggnest in Seattle's Greenwood nrighborhood

Photograph in front of Seattle's Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption at its consecration by the Bishop Athenagoras

"From Andros to Hollywood: Movie Theater Mogul Pantages" The transformation of Alexander Pantages an article by Taso Lagos apearing in The National Herald
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